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Randall Wreghitt

By Whitney Sager

Randall WreghittFrom the dinner theater in Chanhassen, Minn., to the big stage in New York, this Iowa State alumnus has made his mark on the producing world.

Randall Wreghitt, 1978 ISU graduate and Tony Award winning Broadway producer, has produced numerous plays and musicals that have appeared on Broadway, as well as other venues.

“I’ve had my big hits and big failures, but that is part of working in theatre” Wreghitt said.

One of Wreghitt’s biggest hits came soon after going to New York.

The first production he worked on, “Three Tall Women,” was an immediate hit off Broadway.

“I was very lucky,” Wreghitt said.

Wreghitt became interested in producing because he wanted to have more of a say in how things get done.

This leadership role stems from his involvement as a student at Iowa State. Wreghitt was involved in planning Homecoming, Greek Week, Campus Chest, Varieties, and Veishea activities among others, and holds bragging rights for coming up with the concept of mass campaniling.

Through this planning, Wreghitt said he had to talk to a variety of people, from current students to alumni to community members.

“All of those activities require you to talk to people.  It’s great training for the future,” Wreghitt said. “It’s important to be involved in those things.”

Before coming to the big stage, Wreghitt worked for the Spencer Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa. Realizing the newspaper industry was not his calling, he switched gears and held jobs at two theaters in Minneapolis, Minn., then served as a senior marketing representative at Disney World. More than 20 years ago he moved to New York City and accepted a position as the marketing and promotions director for the Big Apple Circus.

Wreghitt said the business and theater classes he took alongside his journalism classes have helped him get to where he is today.

He now owns his own producing company, Randall L. Wreghitt Productions, in New York, N.Y. 

Wreghitt encourages students to complete internships while they are in school so they have a better idea of what they want their future career to be.

“Iowa State is a great place to get that foundation for the real world,” Wreghitt said. “There’s a lot to do, there’s lots of places to get experience.”