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Susan Mortensen

By Adam Rich

A degree from the Greenlee School of Journalism prepares students for success in any career area. Iowa State University and Greenlee alumnus Susan Mortensen, 1979, currently works as an agricultural marketing consultant, but what she learned in her years in journalism has given her a solid foundation for life-long success.

Upon graduating, Mortensen took a job in public relations with the National Pork Producers Council in Des Moines, Iowa. After a few years, she and her husband moved to the Chicago area. Her career switched gears from public relations to marketing after receiving her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwester University.

Today, Mortensen's main focus is on helping farmers sell their crops. Her journalistic talent is still exercised, though. Mortensen writes a column for Agriculture Online, a successful farming Web site. She emphasizes what she learned about layout and design as very valuable job skills.

Like many other Greenlee alumni, Mortensen says, "...the sheer volume of writing gave me confidence in my skills." She stresses the importance of writing and notes the importance of written and oral communication skills in any profession.

Mortensen currently lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa with her husband. Her daughter, Karen, will be a sophomore in engineering at Northwestern University in Fall 2007.