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Carol Marlow McGarvey

Carol Marlow McGarvey

By Adam Rich

"Be curious. Be informed," says Iowa State University and Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication graduate Carol (Marlow) McGarvey. Since graduating with a degree in home economics journalism in 1967, McGarvey is proud to be associated with the Greenlee School.

McGarvey's professional career began at the Des Moines Register while she was still at senior at ISU. After working as a copy/production editor in the features department, she became a reporter and columnist at the Register, covering food/home/people features. McGarvey taught basic reporting at Drake University for 10 semesters, and after 33 years, retired from working at the Register.

Since then, she has spent time freelancing for various Meredith Corporation magazines and books. McGarvey also writes regularly for Welcome Home magazine and for custom publications and a web site. In 2003, she was awarded the Professional Achievement Award from the College of Family & Consumer Sciences at Iowa State.

From her time at the Greenlee School, McGarvey remembers the camaraderie and life-long friends she made at her "home away from home," the press building. She also worked on the Iowa Homemaker, later called Outlook.

For journalism students, McGarvey emphasizes the importance of learning. "Always, always aim to learn something new every time you write a story or produce a project."