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Connecting to Greenlee Courses File Server (Windows)

  1. If connecting from off campus, be sure you are connected using VPN. For more information, see the link below or contact the Solution Center (515.294.4000). If you are on campus, go to step 2.

  2. Click on "Start," then "Run."

  3. In the "Run" dialog, type "\\\ClassFiles" without the quotes. Click "OK."

    Run command

  4. Enter your user name and password when prompted. For user name, enter "IASTATE\" (without the quotes) before your NetID. Click "OK."

  5. You should be presented with a screen similar to the image below. Depending on your role at Greenlee (e.g.: student, faculty, or staff), choose the most appropriate folder to access. You may not have access to all folders.