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EzNews Connection (Mac)

These directions will work for both Intel and Power PC based Macs. It will also work with mac OS 10.4 and10.5.

  1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from Remote Desktop Download.

  2. Open the DMG and install the package.

  3. Open Macintosh HD-->Applications-->Remote Desktop Connection

  4. Open up the preferences page by selecting it from the RDC drop down menu from the menubar on the top of the screen.

  5. Click on the lock with the word "security" beneath it.

  6. Select the top option in each of the groups titled "Always connect even if authentication fails" and "Connect to remote computer without using Network Level Authentication."

  7. Close the preference box by clicking the red x.

  8. Enter "" as the computer's address. Click connect

  9. Enter your ISU NetID and password.

  10. Make sure your are loging on to IASTATE. Click Ok.

If you login and there are scroll bars on the right side or bottom of the window

  1. Open up the preferences window by selecting preferences from RDC in the menubar.

  2. Click on the Display tab.

  3. Change Desktop size to a smaller resolution. We suggest 800x600 but experiment and find one you like.

  4. Close and reopen the Remote Desktop Connection for the change to take affect.