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Good News From Greenlee, April 2007

Good News Concerning:

Eric Abbott

Eric Abbott received a CIP grant concerning student engagement in Uganda with integration of topics in agriculture, engineering and communication technology.

This week, for the third consecutive year, he also has undertaken the job of reviewing competitive research proposals in the area of telecommunications technologies for rural development sponsored by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) of the USDA. Eric qualifies for such an assignment based on his published research in the area of rural telecommunications and development.

Also, on the home front, he has been chosen vice chair of LAS Representative Assembly.

Contact: Eric Abbott, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


Jeff Blevins

Jeff Blevins is session organizer and chair of a panel titled "Public Comments and Research in the U.S. Media Ownership Debate: What is the FCC Missing?" that has been accepted to the Communication Law & Policy Division of the International Communication Association (ICA) for its upcoming conference in San Francisco, CA in May, 2007. As noted by one of the reviewers, the panel is comprised of "[a]n excellent group of scholars," including Michael McGregor (Indiana Universitiy), Phillip Napoli (Fordham Universitiy), Robert Horwitz (University of California, San Diego), Mark Cooper (Consumer Federation of America), and Duncan Brown (Ohio University).

Also, Jeff has just received word that his study, "The Political Economy of Media Ownership Rulemaking within the U.S. Federal Communications Commission: A Content Analysis of Media Ownersip Studies" (with Duncan Brown, Ohio University) has been accepted for presentation to the Political Economy Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) at its 50th annual conference to be held in Paris, France July 23-25, 2007.

On a personal note, Jeff is a Tiger Cub Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 196. Last February his Tiger Scouts toured KASI-AM and KCCQ-FM studios in Ames to learn about radio broadcasting. Operations Manager Jamie Matthews talked to the Scouts about news and weather reporting, sports programming, licensing, and other operational issues.

Contact: Jeff Blevins, Assistant Professor


Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja delivered a presidential lecture, the welcome at the BIGMAP symposium, the undergraduate commencement and a faculty address on ethics/academic dishonesty at Ohio University. He will address participants in July at the Agriculture Summit in Louisville on assembling an ethics code.

His new book, Living Ethics Across Media Platforms, is in the proof stage and will be published this summer. His interpersonal divide research was cited by Motorola Connections, M/C Journal (media/culture), KCCI, Radio Iowa and the San Diego Union Tribune.

Bugeja was chosen to be on the steering committee of the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities. He was reappointed to the dean’s Budget Advisory Group. Finally, Iowa Public Television will broadcast Michael’s presidential speech on the interpersonal divide on May 10 at 9 p.m. on the IPTV digital channel.

Contact: Michael Bugeja, Director


David Bulla

David Bulla published a book review, to appear in the Fall 2007 edition of American Journalism, of Michael S. Sweeney’s The Military and the Press: An Uneasy Truce (Northwestern). His “Experience, Involvement Keys to Press Freedom” also appeared in the Indiana High School Press Association Newsletter, Spring 2007.

David was also the recipient of the Harry Heath/Lou Thompson Jr. Adviser’s Award, 2007, and served as a lecturer and reviewer at the Mauck-Stoufer Writing Workshop, Iowa Newspaper Association, held at the Greenlee School.

Contact: David W. Bulla, Assistant Professor


Dennis Chamberlin

Dennis Chamberlin currently has work on display in two juried shows.

The jurors, Anne Wilkes Tucker and Clive Wilour, for the 20th Annual McNeese Works on Paper exhibition at McNeese State University selected Gameboy for this national exhibition. They also selected it for a purchase award so that it can be added to the permanent collection of the Abercrombie Gallery at McNeese State.

Photography Now, the juried international retrospective at Wright State University has been on display during March and April at the University Art Galleries in Dayton, Ohio.

A selection of prints from Chamberlin’s Screen Culture project are included in the show which is comprised from the work of twelve photographers that were selected from over international 1200 nominations and submissions.

In addition to the Blue Sky show Dennis, in collaboration with Katherine Bruna, Curriculum and Instruction, had an article accepted in The Science Teacher, a journal published by the National Science Teachers Association. It was a discussion and contrast of the visual contents of class rooms in Marshalltown and Villachuato, Mexico, and speculated how this may have play a role in the learning environment.

Finally, Dennis also has images in a group show organized by the Kinsey Institute called Expressive Bodies. It is currently at the School of Fine Art's Gallery in Bloomington:

Contact: Dennis Chamberlin, Assistant Professor


Adam Kuban

Adam Kuban, Greenlee graduate student, has won the Iowa State University teaching Excellence Award, which honors the top 10 percent of grad students for outstanding instruction.

Contact: Adam Kuban at


Daniela Dimitrova


Daniela received word that she has won the LAS Award for Early Excellence in Research. She will receive the award officially in September 2007.

Daniela will present her comparative war framing research at an upcoming conference on Media, War and Conflict. Daniela also submitted a research paper for AEJMC with Director Bugeja and graduate student Hye Hyun Hong. On the publication front, she reports the following two upcoming articles:

  • Bystrom, D., & Dimitrova, D. V. (2007). Rocking the youth vote: How television covered young voters and issues in a 2004 target state, scheduled to appear in American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Dimitrova, D. V., & Connolly-Ahern, C. (2007). A tale of two wars: Framing analysis of online news sites in Coalition countries and the Arab world during the Iraq War, scheduled to appear in the Howard Journal of Communications.

Daniela received an LAS grant titled "News Selection, Foreign News Framing and Journalistic Style on U.S. Television."The College will Provide $8,400 with $300 from the Greenlee School. Daniela also applied for an IREX grant with a colleague at the University of Florida. The grant is titled "Communicating Reforms: The Role of Media in the Political and Economic Development of Post-Communist Bulgaria."


During spring break Daniela participated in a videoconference with the University of Missouri graduate class, Case Studies in the Digital Globe. As a virtual guest speaker she spoke about the global digital divide and Internet diffusion around the world. Daniela was also selected to serve a faculty mentor to a doctoral student from the University of Missouri School of Journalism who will "job shadow" her on April 9, 2007.


Daniela contributed the lead article for the spring 2007 CTEC Newsletter, which is distributed electronically to all members of the division. Daniela also served as a reviewer for the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication.

Contact: Daniela Dimitrova, Assistant Professor


Joel Geske

Joel Geske has a presentation accepted for International Communication Association, May 28, 2007, San Francisco. "Differences in Brain Information Processing between Print and Computer Screens: Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention Factors", by Geske and Bellur.

He also had abstract published in journal Psychophysiology, Volume 43, 2006, (Supplement), p S41: “A comparison of reading on computer screens and print media:  measurement of attention patterns using EEG."

Joel also did a presentation with good audience (in spite of late winter N'eastern coming in) at American Academy of Advertising titled "Measuring Attention to Media through EEG", April 15, 2007, Burlington VT.

Contact: Joel Geske, Associate Professor


Beth Haag

Beth Haag's Public Relations and Corporate Communication class, Jl MC 321, worked with the City of Ames Water and Pollution Control Department during the entire spring semester to develop a public information campaign about the importance of water conservation. Five city officials visited her class April 24 and 26 to listen to the students' final campaign presentations. This was the third semester that Jl MC 321 students and the City of Ames worked together on a public information campaign.

Contact: Beth Haag, Lecturer


Suman Lee

Suman Lee reports that his paper titled "International public relations as a predictor of prominence of US news coverage" has been accepted for publication in the Public Relations Review.

Contact: Suman Lee, Assistant Professor


Barbara Mack

Barbara Mack spoke to 350 members of the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce at the group's annual meeting on March 27. Here's what the Muscatine Journal editorial board reported on the speech.

Contact: Barbara Mack, Associate Professor


Jay Newell

For his media saturation research program, Jay Newell received a grant from the e-commerce company Delivery Agent to study the effectiveness of pre- and post-promotion on product placement purchase intention. The first rounds of data, using an online survey developed with Sheng Ly, were collected this month. He also presented at the American Academy of Advertising a paper co-written with John Thomas on the gaps between perception and reality of media consumption, "Displacement and Saturation of Ad Supported Media." Also, his article on media saturation trends will run as the lead article in the next issue of the Journal of Radio Studies.

In teaching, Jay used our cyChat videoconference system to trade guest lectures with Ball State University. BSU ad professor and editor of the Journal of Mobile Marketing, Michael Hanley, discussed the new medium of cell phone marketing with ISU advertising students. A week later, he worked with BSU students on brand integration as a media planning strategy. An article on using desktop-to-classroom videoconferences for both professional guest speakers and academic guest lectures will appear in next month's American Academy of Advertising Newsletter.

In service, Jay advised the Ad Club as their in-house agency made its first, and highly successful, presentation. The in-house agency's first client was the ISU Electrical Engineering program's VEISHA concert. The in-house agency, now named Cardinal & Gold Advertising, researched and proposed a campaign that invited engineering-oriented high school students to a concert sponsored by the Engineering department. Also, there's a renewed press interest in product placement saturating television media, and hw was interviewed for upcoming business section articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Contact: Jay Newell, Assistant Professor


Karol Nickell

Karol Nickell and student assistant Marjorie Smith visited with the staff of Uhuru
in the Design auditorium. Karol interacted with the group about the mission and vision for the
magazine. Karol and Marjorie also accumulating questionnaires about magazine readership. With roughly 50 questionnaires in their possession, they are going to start sorting through some interesting findings.

Contact: Karol Nickell, Scripps Howard Teaching fellow,


Deb Nugent

Deb Nugent was nominated for VEISHEA's Secretary of the Year award. While she wasn't the final recipient, the nomination was made by our students in recognition of her dedicated service.

Contact: Deb Nugent, Records Analyst


Lulu Rodriguez


  • Rodriguez, L. (2007). The impact of risk communication on the acceptance of irradiated food. Science Communication. June, pp. 1-10.
  • Rodriguez, L. and Bjelland, D. (2007). Photo-elicitation as tool for village needs assessment. Journal of Applied Communication. (forthcoming, in June).

Refereed Conference Papers

  • Rodriguez, L. and Xiang, Z. (2007, July). Newspaper coverage of genetic modification events in China, Thailand and the US: A cross-cultural analysis. Paper to be presented to the International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research. Ravello, Italy.
  • Rodriguez, L. and Abbott, E. (2007, July). Media coverage and the shaping of public understanding of and attitudes toward biotechnology in developing nations: A meta-analysis. Paper to be presented to the International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research. Ravello, Italy.


  • Co-organizer. Fourth annual BIGMAP symposium on the risks and benefits of genetically modified agricultural products. April 18, 2007, Ames, IA.
  • Abbott, A., Bugeja, M., Dimitrova, D., Lee, S., and Rodriguez, L. The Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication with emphasis on the graduate program: A report on a self-study. Submitted to the 2007 LAS-commissioned External Review Team.

Contact: Lulu Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Graduate Director


Dave Saldana

Dave Saldana will be presenting a paper on the satire-as-news phenomenon at the International Society for Humor Studies conference in July, and another paper on the political subtext of "Borat'" at a joint conference of the Modern Language Association and the American Humor Studies Association in December. Also, he is writing a book review on "UnSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation," by the co-founders of, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Contact: Dave Saldana, Adjunct Assistant Professor


Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson is reviewing August 2007 research papers for the Scholastic Journalism Division of AEJMC.

Contact: Jane Peterson, Professor and Associate Director


Erin Wilgenbusch

Erin Wilgenbusch’s February column in the Des Moines Register advised people to keep in mind the reality of grief and shattered families and not to let the spectacle of the Anna Nicole Smith death be a guiding light for the reality of tragedy. Her March column was about a study released that stated more people reported missing work when the weather was bad than when it was sunny. Erin notes, "[A]nd you would think they'd be more tempted to skip out and play golf -- or whatever. It concluded with a plea to spend a rainy spring day cleaning closets and donating their denim to our cause." She also reports that the PRSSA Denim Drive with Cotton, Inc. has set the bar high for the rest of the country. "We collected nearly 2000 pieces of denim -- more than any of the other schools in the U.S. that are participating in the drive."

Contact: Erin Wilgenbusch, Lecturer


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