College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dean’s cabinet unanimously approves emeritus status for Giles Fowler

Acknowledging meritorious contributions in the 20-year teaching career of Giles Fowler, the Dean’s Cabinet in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has bestowed upon him the honorary title of "associate professor emeritus" of journalism.

Interim Dean Mike Whiteford and department heads from across the college voted unanimously to honor Fowler in their meeting Aug. 26 in Catt Hall.

Greenlee School Director Michael Bugeja submitted the resolution, which acknowledged Fowler’s contributions in print journalism, especially in English language usage and literary journalism.

Bugeja presented a testimonial by Neal Bowers, distinguished professor of English, who noted that Fowler is "a great teacher and all-around excellent colleague," known for emphasizing cross-disciplinary methods.

Bowers mentioned a recent short story, "At the Pool," accepted in The Sewanee Review, one of the country’s leading literary journals with a 1-percent acceptance rate for fiction.

George Core, editor of The Sewanee Review, said, "Mr. Fowler writes sharply and cleanly and clearly; and he has a wonderful ear for dialogue. I would not be surprised to see his story anthologized and otherwise honored."

Fowler’s work will appear next year.

Fowler, a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, retired last year. He joined the Greenlee School in 1982 after a successful career working at the Kansas City Star and The Times of London.

-- Wed, 27 Aug 2003 --