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Jane Peterson

Good News From Greenlee - April 2011

Busy time for Greenlee School researchers and scholars, especially for Lulu Rodriguez, professor, who has been working with graduate students and on her own research in the final days of paper submissions for the August 2011 AEJMC convention. More good news from Eric Abbott, Jeff Ames, Jeff Blevins, Michael Bugeja, Dennis Chamberlin, Michael Dahlstrom, Gang Han, Lauren Monahan and Jane Peterson.

Greenlee School Makes Its Presence at AEJMC

Greenlee School personnel are set to perform at high levels again at the annual Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication convention. Some 16 professors, staff members and students will present papers or participate in panels at the Aug. 6-9 conclave in Chicago.

Greenlee School Achievements - April 2008

Good News Concerning:

Greenlee research helps set communication agenda

Whether the topic is about Facebook, press freedom or stem cell research, chances are that faculty and graduate students are setting the agenda at the Greenlee School.

Professors and master's students combined for a total 28 paper and 3 panel presentations at major journalism and communication conventions, with an impressive 3 out of 10 papers ranked as "top" in three divisions of the upcoming San Francisco convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.