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Advisory Council

The Greenlee School Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was created to support the school, Director, faculty, staff and students in a collaborative partnership to make the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication the premiere institution for educational, professional and scholarly contributions to communication and society.

Terms of Greenlee School Advisory Council Members

Permanent Members: Diane and Bob Greenlee

Chair: Karol Nickell (term ends April 2016)

Vice Chairs: Barbara Iverson (becomes chair in April 2016)

Continuing Corporate Members: Art Slusark (Meredith)

Continuing Greenlee Alumni and Friends Member: Emily Caropreso

Three-year (ending in April 2018): Rich Volkmer, Rick Jost, Doug Jeske, Janette Larkin, Lindsey Borg (second term) 

Three-year (ending in April 2017): Jeff WhiteKathie Obradovich (second term), Rick Robinson (second term)

Three-year (ending in April 2016): Lynn Manternach (second term), Brennan Buckley (second term), Sue Porter (second term), Rick Phillips (second term), Sean McLaughlin (second term), Liz Hansen (second term), Donna Ramaeker Zahn, Dan Winters, Richard Doak (second term)