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Molly Ivins Brought to Life in “Red Hot Patriot,” co-written by Greenlee Alum Allison Engel

“Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins,” written by ISU alum Allison Engel and her twin sister, was performed in Ames Wednesday as a part of the Greenlee School’s 12th-annual First Amendment celebration. The one-woman play showcased the outspoken nature of Texas political columnist Molly Ivins. Photo courtesy of Mark Berndt Photography.
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Barbara Chisholm, Peggy Engel and Allison Engel rehearse “Red Hot Patriot” with Mike King and Ali Smith from the Ames City Auditorium.  The Engels co-wrote the play about outspoken Texas political columnist Molly Ivins, which was presented Wednesday as part of the 12th-annual Greenlee School First Amendment celebration.  Photo courtesy of Mark Berndt Photography.

Civil Rights Workshop Showcases Iowa’s Progressive Past

Iowa has been a leader in civil rights issues since the early 1800s. In a keynote speech as part of the Greenlee School’s First Amendment celebration, Brooke Miller, civil rights specialist from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, highlighted the many notable cases that define Iowa’s history.
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Brooke Miller

Civil Rights Workshops Explore Gender and Housing Rights

Through interactive workshops, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission demonstrated how 10 personal characteristics protected by state and local law affect civil rights. Workshops about the issues of gender identity and housing rights provided students with a new perspective about rights that matter to them.
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Liz Johnson

Digital Rights Presentation Headlines Opening Day of First Amendment Celebration

The opening day of the Greenlee School’s First Amendment celebration included a presentation, panel questions and a workshop about protecting privacy in email, text messaging and Web browsing. The ISU Digital Freedom Club and April Glaser of the Electronic Frontier Foundation presented information at the Memorial Union.
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April Glaser

"Rock stars of student rights” coming to Iowa State Thursday to celebrate First Amendment freedoms

Almost 50 years after several Des Moines students were suspended for wearing black armbands to protest the Vietnam War, John and Mary Beth Tinker return to Iowa to discuss free-speech rights. They will be joined by Cathy Kuhlmeier, who sued her school district after her principal cut stories from her high school newspaper.
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Tinker Tour Bus

2014 Internship Scholarship Deadline

The Greenlee School is offering internship scholarships for the first time. Your internship must be for Spring 2014 or Summer 2014.

These scholarships are for “unaffordable internships.” If you have been offered an internship that you considered turning down because it is unpaid, is in an expensive area, or is going to create a hardship for you, but it is a great experience… tell us about it.

Apply before the Friday April 18th deadline.